Successful Stock Option Trading with Five Key Trading Secrets

Stock option trading has presented the public the opportunity greater cash windfalls by trading options than almost any other form of trading or investing in the market in history. The low level of controlled risk together with far superior leverage presents the possibility an option trader the opportunity to make a fortune trading stock options however aspiring option trader requires a level of comprehension about what really forms a reliable option trading approach to insure success with trading stock options. There are five key secrets that any option trader must use when approaching trading stock options in order to be successful.

To start, the first secret is that you must factor the affects of time into the value of the option you are choosing to trade. The two essential parts you must factor when considering time into the stock option trading process. The first essential part to be considered is the time remaining on an option till it expires. Stock options have a set time period of anywhere from 30 days up to three years in some cases till they expire worthless so you must then select the proper stock option with enough time on it in order to profit. You must be sure that you purchase the correct option containing enough time on it to insure that time decay doesn’t erode your investment away before your position has enough time to be profitable.

This brings us to the second key secret of successful stock option trading as well as the second essential key in the option selection process of trading options which is factoring time into your option trading method. Trading a particular stock option and knowing the statistical factors of your option trading method and particularly, in this case, knowing the average time you hold a position once a trade has been entered. For instance, if your average holding time for an option trade is 9 days then you would avoid buying an option with three months of time premium left on it because you would be paying more for extra time with the option’s purchase price. Neither would you buy an option with less than 30 days till it expires because time decay would dissipate the option’s value so fast that even if the option’s underlying stock moved in the direction of your trade time decay would be so great you that any gains you made would be eaten away by time decay.

The third key secret to successfully trading stock options is grasping the relationship of volatility between the general market (i.e.: S & P 500, DOW Industrials, the NASDAQ, etc.), the underlying stock or instrument that the option is based on, and the effect is has on the value of the option itself. When the general stock market an index experiences low volatility or low trading volume then the stocks that make up the market tend to trend with the general market and also begin to follow suit themselves with periods of low volatility which result with the value of stock options to becoming cheap. However if the general market’s volatility begins to spike it causes individual stock option premiums to increase in value as long as the market moves in the trader’s favor.

The fourth key secret to trading stock options successfully is having an option trading method that combines these key secrets into a coherent method for giving clear entry signals, clear exit signals, a system of trade management, and a profit factor greater than your average loss over a given amount of trades. Understanding all the fundamental steps of various trade setups is pointless if you don’t have a trading approach that leads you through every level of the trade management process. A winning stock option system guides you thru every step and details each step towards helping you become a consistent winner in the stock option markets as well as being a profitable trader in the end.

The final key to trading stock options successfully is your trading discipline. An individual trader’s discipline is vital to trading stock options successfully. It is critical that a trader approach stock option trading while factoring in their own level of trading discipline into their overall approach to trading the markets. You can give two traders the same exact profitable trading system but it’s very likely that they will experience very different results. The reason for this is usually is because the one that has the ability to remain as detached from his losing trades as well as his winning trades while maintaining the discipline to follow the system’s rules no matter what occurs on any one individual trade will emerge the net winner. A trader’s discipline is so essential that even if a trader has the greatest stock option trading system ever devised but has no discipline he will likely turn into a losing trader so keep this in mind when devising your approach to trading stock options.

These five key secrets are a foundation to help you help you avoid the mistakes of many other individuals who come into stock option trading seeking fortune but only end up with busted trading accounts that end up being zeros out in the end. By understanding time decay, factoring an option’s time into your trading method, how volatility impacts a stock option’s intrinsic value, what details a winning stock option trading system, and your own trading psychology you now have an understanding of five key secrets that help you build a successful trading approach to trading stock options in today’s markets.


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